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Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

In a city with so many great people and such a long legacy, Jim Glaser Law is proud to serve the hardworking people of Springfield by helping injured workers fight for the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve after a workplace accident.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you need a dedicated Springfield workers’ comp lawyer on your side who can help you navigate the complicated workers’ compensation system. We know the challenges you’re likely facing from attending medical appointments to submitting the correct paperwork to dealing with the insurance company. But we want you to know that you are not alone in this difficult time. Whether you’re filing your first claim or challenging a denial, our team at Jim Glaser Law is here for you.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

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Almost every employer in Massachusetts is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The only exception applies to domestic employees, who must work at least 16 hours to be covered. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, which means that no matter what caused your accident, you are eligible for benefits so long as the incident occurred during the normal course of your work duties. Benefits can apply whether you were hurt while traveling for work, were diagnosed with carpal tunnel from typing due to your job, or even slipped in the bathroom.

The problem is that many workers’ compensation claims are denied the first time they’re filed. Your employer may challenge your claim or the insurance company may look for any reason to escape liability for your accident. Filing for workers’ comp and handling the insurance company alone can seem impossible, especially when you’re dealing with a serious injury or medical condition.

For these reasons, it’s important to have a Springfield workers’ comp lawyer who understands the laws surrounding workers’ comp and can help guide you through the process of filing a claim or appealing a denied claim.

Jim Glaser Law Is Here for You

If you’ve been hurt on the job and need assistance with your workers’ comp claim, don’t wait to contact Jim Glaser Law for help. We’ve helped thousands of injured individuals and their families in Springfield and across Massachusetts in both personal injury and workers’ compensation cases and have won millions of dollars for our clients. When it comes to helping injured workers get the compensation they need, Jimmy knows what to do!

After a workplace accident, you deserve financial coverage to help you continue to support your family and pay the bills while you’re recovering. Our job is to make sure workers’ comp works for you. Contact our office today at 781-689-2277 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.