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Massachusetts And Rhode Island Among Safest States For Auto Drivers Nationwide

May 15th, 2019|Accident Lawyer|

Injured in an Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault? Contact a Boston Car Accident Lawyer According to Safe Wise, Massachusetts and Rhode Island ranked as the [...]

The Most Dangerous Intersections In Massachusetts

December 12th, 2018|Accident Lawyer|

Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyers Seek Justice For Injured Accident Victims    Car accidents happen often, and injuries caused by a collision can leave life-altering damage. [...]

Boston Ranked One Of America’s Most Accident Prone Cities For Drivers

October 31st, 2018|Accident Lawyer, Blog|

A Boston Car Accident Lawyer Can Assist You With Your Claim   A recent study published on Mass Live ranked 100 of the country's largest [...]

Fatal Crash Sheds New Light On DWI Dangers

June 13th, 2018|Accident Lawyer|

When people hear about DWI or DUI cases, they assume it refers to drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. However, a recent fatal [...]

Proving Fault In An Accident Claim In Massachusetts

May 30th, 2018|Accident Lawyer|

Even though Massachusetts is a no-fault state for insurance purposes, this does not mean you cannot file an accident claim against another driver. There are [...]

Massachusetts Car Accident Caused By Cell Phone Usage

May 16th, 2018|Accident Lawyer|

Massachusetts currently bans texting and driving for all drivers and cell phone use for drivers younger than 18 years of age. The state legislature is [...]

What Should I Do If I Have A Car Accident In A Leased Vehicle?

May 2nd, 2018|Accident Lawyer|

Author: Robert White, Esq., Odessa, TX Many people decide to lease a vehicle instead of purchasing a vehicle. Some people may choose a leased vehicle [...]

Why Choose Jim Glaser As Your Boston Car Accident Attorney

March 28th, 2018|Accident Lawyer|

A Massachusetts car accident can be a traumatic and life-changing event. The days and weeks following a car crash can be a painful and challenging [...]

Common Truck Accident Causes In Massachusetts

February 14th, 2018|Accident Lawyer|

The NHTSA reports that 4,067 people died and 116,000 people were injured in large truck accidents during 2015.  Of the people who were injured and [...]

Are Car Accident Settlements Taxable In Massachusetts?

September 20th, 2017|Accident Lawyer, Blog|

The answer to this question is, “it depends on several factors.” Many car accident settlements are non-taxable; however, as with most tax issues, there are [...]