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When you need medical care from a doctor’s office or the hospital, you expect to get expert care and to feel better or be on your way to feeling better. What happens if you’re hurt because of the actions of the medical staff? You could have a medical malpractice claim. You’d need to have your potential claim evaluated by Jim Glaser Law, a team of Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyers. Being injured by medical malpractice can permanently alter your life. You or someone you love may need life-long medical care, medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and help to handle even the most basic functions of life. It can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. The most serious medical malpractice accidents can cost the individual their life. 

What Are the Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims in Boston? 

Medical malpractice is a term that references a broad range of injuries caused because a member of the medical staff did not follow the standard practices of the industry. Their negligence caused the patient to become injured. The most common medical malpractice claims in Boston include:

  • Birth injuries. Birth injuries can happen to the baby or to the mother. For babies, a birth injury can result in a physical or mental disability. Developmental delays can cause your child to need years or a lifetime of specialized care. For mothers, the most common birth injury happens when the medical staff fails to monitor the mother’s blood pressure and she has preeclampsia. Strokes and death are common injuries that occur. 
  • Giving patients the wrong medication. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and even medicine aides trained to give out medicine should understand the medication that should be given at the right dosage. The most common medication injury is giving patients the wrong medication or giving them the wrong dosage. Medications can interact not just with each other, but with foods (such as grapefruit). 
  • Surgical error. According to an article from Scientific American, around 200,000 patients each year are hurt because of surgical error. In 2010, the Office of the Inspector General released a statement that 180,000 Medicare patients die each year because of bad hospital care. Those numbers point out the seriousness of surgical error. Operating on the wrong body part, receiving the wrong surgical procedure, and having a surgical item left within the patient are the most common surgical errors. The development of an infection that could have been prevented by the medical staff taking appropriate action is also a common medical malpractice claim in Boston. 

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Medical malpractice claims can be complicated. They can be hard to prove. Most doctors, nursing homes, and hospitals have a team of lawyers who will do whatever they can to minimize the legal responsibility they had toward your injury. Jim Glaser Law is an experienced team of Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyers who want to help injured individuals and their families get the help and compensation that they deserve.

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