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Why Choose Jim Glaser as Your Boston Car Accident Attorney

A Massachusetts car accident can be a traumatic and life-changing event. The days and weeks following a car crash can be a painful and challenging time as you try to recover from your physical injuries [...]

What Is an Insurance Adjuster Responsible for in an Accident Claim?

Being injured by a defective product, in a traffic accident, or by a fall can be a traumatic experience. It can also be very frustrating when the accident was an avoidable incident had it not [...]

Boston Personal Injury Lawyer

The Boston personal injury lawyers of Jim Glaser Law are skilled and accomplished attorneys who are capable of handling several diverse types of injury claims. We have dedicated attorneys who are prepared to aggressively manage [...]

Common Truck Accident Causes in Massachusetts

The NHTSA reports that 4,067 people died and 116,000 people were injured in large truck accidents during 2015.  Of the people who were injured and killed, over 70 percent of those individuals were drivers or [...]

Who Has Access to Your Medical Records?

When you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit you may need access to records of your medical treatments. If you’re pursuing a malpractice case, they may be at the very heart of your claim. You [...]

Boston Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Most people never have to take advantage of workers’ compensation, but for those who need it, it becomes an absolutely essential means by which they can make ends meet and survive after a serious injury [...]

Wrongful Death: Who Can File a Lawsuit?

Like all states, Massachusetts has its own set of laws and statutes governing how wrongful death lawsuits are handled. These suits are designed to compensate family members when they lose a loved one due to [...]

Christmas Tree Safety Tips for the Holidays

Christmas trees are beautiful, and a reminder of everything the season is all about: fellowship, serenity, and warmth. Unfortunately, they can also turn into a disaster. Hundreds of Christmas tree fires occur every, and there [...]

Safety Tips for Driving During the Winter

Winter is almost upon us in Massachusetts. Colder weather brings additional challenges for staying healthy and safe.  Below are tips and suggestion that can help keep yourself and your family healthy and safe this winter. [...]

Safety Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Day might be the unofficial beginning of the winter holiday season; however, it can also be a dangerous day for some families. From kitchen fires and accidents to automobile crashes, your chance of injury [...]

Tips for Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions

AAA Foundation reports that 21 percent of the traffic accidents each year occurred during adverse weather conditions and/or adverse roadway surface conditions. That number totals approximately 1,179,253 accidents annually. During winter months, road conditions in [...]

Do I Have a Valid Slip and Fall Claim Under Massachusetts Premises Liability Laws?

Property owners in Massachusetts have a duty to maintain their property reasonably to prevent accidents. When an owner breaches the duty of care, the owner can be held liable for damages caused by a slip [...]

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