Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Social Security Disability Appeal in Boston

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A woman rolling her wheelchair down the sidewalk in Boston

The Social Security Administration is tasked with the difficult job of reviewing and investigating hundreds of disability applications and weeding out fraudulent claims. Unfortunately, that means they deny many claims for simple errors that would otherwise deserve to be approved. Denied claims can be appealed for reconsideration, but the appeals process can be complex and time-consuming.

If you’re filing a Social Security disability appeal in Boston, a lawyer is a valuable asset. While nothing requires you by law to hire a lawyer, an experienced attorney can put you at an advantage and improve your chances of getting approved. Continue reading to find out why you need a lawyer for your Social Security disability appeal.

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Compiling Your Medical Records

A doctor in Boston writing on a patient’s medical chart.If your medical records are inconsistent or incomplete, the judge may deny your appeal. A disability attorney will request your medical records, assess them for concerns, and submit them to the court. Before the hearing, your attorney may be able to identify any gaps or areas that need more documentation to ensure your records arrive completed to the court.

Contacting Doctors

Doctors often provide expert testimony at a disability hearing. Your disability attorney will contact your current doctors to get their medical opinions in writing about your disability and your capacity to work. In many cases, we’ve found doctors more likely to respond to an attorney’s request than an individual’s request. Attorneys can also request additional exams if there are gaps in your medical records that could hurt your claim.

Prepping for Questioning

A Boston lawyer prepping their client for questioning.Being questioned before the court can be stressful and may lead to confusion or saying the wrong thing. A disability attorney understands the court process and can prepare you for what to expect and how the process unfolds. A disability attorney will also practice with you by asking you the types of questions you can expect and ensuring that your answers are clear and concise. Having this type of prep can make the process go more smoothly and can calm your nerves, so you’re prepared to be the best interviewee possible and strengthen your claim for the disability benefits you deserve.

Questioning a Vocational Expert

Vocational experts act as consultants for the Social Security Administration. They testify at disability hearings about the claim holder’s ability to work based on the disability. During the hearing, the judge will ask the vocational expert about your ability to work with your documented disabilities and restrictions. The vocational expert then names the types of jobs a person with a similar background and impairments can perform. If this testimony indicates you can work, your claim may be denied.

Once the judge questions the vocational expert, your advocate or disability attorney has an opportunity to cross-examine. This is when the knowledge of a disability attorney comes into play, as they will typically question the vocational expert about the physical and mental requirements of the mentioned jobs and then provide reasoning as to why they aren’t a feasible option for you.

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