Legal Representation After a Serious Accident

Facing a severe car accident in Sharon can be an incredibly distressing ordeal. During these difficult moments, having a caring and skilled legal advocate by your side can benefit your journey. Attorney Jim Glaser comprehends the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that a car accident can bring to you and those you care about. With a dedication to tailored support and assertive representation, Jim Glaser is devoted to guiding you through intricate legal procedures and securing the rightful compensation for you.

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Attorney Jim Glaser is a dedicated car accident lawyer in Sharon, known for his unwavering commitment to his clients and his track record of success. With years of experience representing car accident victims, Attorney Glaser and his team have a deep understanding of Massachusetts’ laws and regulations regarding car accidents. He has helped numerous clients recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from car accidents. Attorney Glaser approaches each case with compassion, professionalism, and a determination to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.

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You will likely face many difficulties after being in a car accident, but getting the legal help you need shouldn’t be one of them. All you have to do is call us!


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From medical bills to lost wages, you deserve compensation for your losses. An attorney from Jim Glaser Law can help you fight for every dollar you’re owed.


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We work on a contingency basis. That means that you’ll never owe us anything unless we win for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling Jim Glaser Law today!

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Are You Eligible for Compensation After a Car Accident?

Determining your eligibility for compensation after a car accident can be complex. Several factors come into play, including the time since the accident, the injuries you’ve suffered, and the negligence involved in the crash.

Time Since Your Accident

In Massachusetts, there is a 3-year statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim. This means you have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Missing this deadline could result in losing your right to seek compensation. It’s crucial to act quickly and seek legal advice as soon as possible after a car accident.

Injuries You Suffered

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Common car accident injuries include whiplash, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and spinal cord injuries. It’s important to seek medical attention promptly after a car accident, even if your injuries seem minor. Documenting your injuries and following your healthcare provider’s treatment plan can strengthen your claim for compensation.

Negligence Involved in the Crash

Negligence is a key factor in car accident cases. To recover damages, you must prove that the other driver was negligent and that their negligence directly caused your injuries. Even if you were partially at fault, you may still be able to recover damages under Massachusetts’ comparative negligence law. An experienced car accident attorney can help you gather evidence to prove negligence and build a strong case for compensation.


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Common Car Accident Causes

Car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • distracted driving
  • speeding
  • reckless driving
  • inclement weather conditions

Understanding the common causes of car accidents can help you avoid them and stay safe on the road. By being aware of potential hazards and practicing defensive driving techniques, you can reduce your risk of being involved in a car accident.


Damages a Massachusetts Car Accident Claim Will Cover

Economic damages resulting from a car accident in Massachusetts can encompass a wide range of costs that can significantly impact individuals. These costs typically include medical expenses incurred for treatment, rehabilitation, and ongoing care. Lost wages due to the inability to work as a result of the accident can further compound the financial strain on individuals and their families. Additionally, property damage to the vehicles involved adds another layer of financial burden that needs to be addressed.

On the other hand, non-economic damages dive into the intangible losses that individuals may experience following a car accident. These losses go beyond the monetary realm and touch upon aspects such as pain and suffering endured due to injuries sustained, emotional distress stemming from the traumatic event, and the loss of enjoyment of life as a result of physical or emotional limitations imposed by the accident. 

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Getting Legal Help With Your Car Accident Claim

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Sharon, it’s essential to seek legal help to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. Attorney Jim Glaser can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate the legal process with confidence. Attorney Glaser and his team will make it their goal to achieve the best possible outcome for your case, allowing you to focus on your recovery and moving forward with your life.

Attorney Jim Glaser offers a free initial consultation to discuss your case and determine the best course of action. Additionally, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay any fees unless we win your case. This fee structure allows you to pursue your claim without worrying about upfront costs, providing peace of mind during a challenging time.

While you are not legally required to have a lawyer represent you in a car accident claim, it is highly recommended. Without legal representation, you may not fully understand your rights or the potential pitfalls of handling your case alone. Most significantly, you may be left with future expenses that the insurance company refuses to compensate.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s best to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the sooner they can begin building a strong case on your behalf, increasing your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

An experienced car accident attorney can provide a wide range of services to help you with your claim. This includes investigating the accident, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing you in court if necessary. Attorney Jim Glaser is dedicated to helping injured car accident victims in Boston, Sharon, and throughout New England get the compensation they deserve. With his knowledge, experience, and commitment to his clients, Attorney Jim Glaser can help you navigate the legal process and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.


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