The Good News Newsletter: August 2020 Edition

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The Good News Newsletter

The inaugural Good News Newsletter, brought to you by Jim Glaser Law, has officially been released! Attorney Jimmy Glaser and his team are on a mission to bring good news to the people of New England in a time when we need it most. Over the past few months, we have received daily updates on protests, political and social unrest, COVID-19, and more. We know you need a little good news in your life for a change, so we’re sending it directly to your inbox.

Once a month, subscribers will receive an email with stories of good news happening in your area from people just like you. If you, your friend, family member, neighbor, or anyone you know has good news they want to share with their community, we want to hear it! You can submit your story here.

Good News from You

We were delighted to receive our first submissions from Jaelynn L. and Eeelyn T!

  • Jaelynn wanted her community to know that despite everything going on in the world right now, she and her friends and family and pets still have so much love for each other.
  • Eeelyn shared the news that they have been learning a lot in school, fostering their intellectual skills!

Knowledge will always equal power, Eeelyn! And Jaelynn, we are so glad to hear your life is filled with love in a time when it seems like there isn’t much to go around. Thank you so much to these two lovely people for sharing their news with us. We hope you continue to receive good news in your life.

Good News in the News

More is always better, right? We think so! That’s why we scoured the news cycle to find a few uplifting stories to deliver directly to your inbox.

MIT designed a robot that will clean Boston’s food bank!

In order to keep the Greater Boston Food Bank facility clean and safe for people to visit while Coronavirus rages on in the U.S., members of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory teamed up with Ava Robotics to create an intelligent machine capable of just that. The team said the system was designed to “powerfully disinfect surfaces and neutralize aerosolized forms of the coronavirus.” And, it can do it in about half an hour!

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra composed and released a new song while social distancing!

While this group of unconventional musicians hasn’t been able to get together due to the pandemic, the show must go on! After a few months of isolation, the members of the Boston-based band got together virtually to record a new song and spread a little joy through your speakers. The band’s version of “Unprisoning Your Think R.H.I.N.O.” can be found here, and their album, Workstation to Workstation, is coming to a digital platform near you soon.

‘Code Happy’ Massachusetts Hospitals Are Celebrating Recovered COVID Patients

The road to recovery form COVID-19 can be a long and not always certain one. Hospitals in Massachusetts, like Melrose Wakefield Hospital, have found a way to keep everyones’ spirits up in the face of this pandemic through a little celebration. When Coronavirus patients have recovered enough to be able to be discharged, nurses line the hallway, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” is played over the intercom, and the healthy patient is escorted out in a symphony of applause and cheers muffled by N95 masks. “It’s really uplifting,” Lahey Associate Chief Nursing Officer Kelly Harmon told 10Boston. “To give everybody a little extra boost to keep going back and doing the work that they’re doing.”

Good News In Your Future

If you’re looking to actively seek out good things to add to your life, check out the virtual 2020 Road to Wellness 5k! The walk/run is being held on September 12th, and registration is free. This event was created in order to inspire mind, body, and spiritual health through fitness and exercise while embracing Roxbury’s rich history, diverse culture, and strong sense of community. You can learn more about this event here.

Submit Your Story

We hope these stories of good news in New England added some warmth and positivity to your life. If you would like to have your good news story featured in our newsletter and on our website, you can add your submission here. We can’t wait to hear from you!