Seeking Damages After a Motorcycle Crash?

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and freeing, but it also comes with the risk of more severe injuries in an accident. Many times, motorcycle crashes are caused by factors outside of the biker’s control. Having a trusted attorney taking care of your injury case can make a world of difference when it comes to receiving compensation.

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The first-person perspective of a motorcycle rider going down the highway.

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, life-altering events that have long-lasting or even permanent effects on those involved. If you or someone close to you has suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, you should know that you could be able to recover financial compensation with an injury claim. Reach out to a skilled Cambridge motorcycle accident lawyer at Jim Glaser Law for a free case review. Time is of the essence, so don’t wait to get in touch!

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Navigating the legal process to recover damages after your accident might seem overwhelming, but Jim Glaser Law is committed to guiding you through each step. Just give us a call or contact us online to take the first step.


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If someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you have the right to compensation for the resulting injuries. We tirelessly safeguard your rights and strive to secure every dollar you deserve.


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We firmly believe that everyone deserves accessible and skilled legal representation. Our approach is contingency-based, which means you only incur fees if we successfully secure compensation for you.

Do I Have a Valid Motorcycle Accident Case? 

Your answers to the following questions will help you understand whether you may have a valid claim for compensation. You can also get a free consultation to determine if you have a case by calling a Cambridge motorcycle accident lawyer at Jim Glaser Law.

Did You Suffer Any of These Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries due to the lack of protection afforded by a motorcycle. Understanding the common injuries endured by motorcycle riders in a crash is crucial for both bikers and motorists alike. Here are some of the most frequently observed injuries:

  • Road Rash: Abrasions and skin injuries caused by friction with the road surface.
  • Fractures: Broken bones, often in the arms, legs, and collarbone.
  • Head Injuries: Traumatic brain injuries, concussions, or skull fractures.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Damage to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis.
  • Internal Injuries: Damage to organs such as the spleen, liver, or kidneys.
  • Amputations: Severe injuries may require limb amputation.
  • Burns: Burns from contact with hot motorcycle parts or road friction.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Psychological Trauma: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect riders who have been in an accident.

While these injuries are common in motorcycle accidents, safety precautions, proper gear, and responsible riding can significantly reduce the risks. Awareness and vigilance are key to staying safe on a motorcycle, reducing accidents, and minimizing their impact.

Who Was Responsible for Your Injuries?

Under the Massachusetts modified comparative negligence doctrine, an individual may seek compensation in a motorcycle injury claim so long as they do not hold more than half of the blame for the accident. If someone is determined to be partially at fault but still less than 51% responsible, their final settlement will be reduced by the percentage of liability they hold. For example, if you have a Cambridge motorcycle accident claim that is meant to compensate for $10,000 worth of damages but you shared 10% of the fault for your accident, you could still recover $9,000 (the total damages reduced by the total fault you shared).

How Long Has It Been Since the Accident?

Massachusetts allows an injured biker to claim damages within three years of their motorcycle accident. Missing this deadline means missing out on the compensation you’re legally owed, so don’t wait to take action.

Motorcycle Safety Tips From Jim Glaser Law

Jim Glaser Law’s Motorcycle Safety Tips

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What Can You Recover With a Cambridge Motorcycle Accident Claim?

  • Medical Expenses: Compensation for all medical bills related to the accident, including hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing medical care.
  • Property Damage: Coverage for the repair or replacement of your motorcycle, as well as any damaged riding gear or accessories.
  • Lost Wages: Reimbursement for income lost due to missed work during your recovery or any long-term disability resulting from the accident.
  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for physical and emotional distress caused by the accident, including chronic pain, scarring, and mental anguish.
  • Disfigurement: Additional compensation for any visible scars or disfigurement resulting from the accident or required surgeries.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: Damages for the loss of the ability to participate in activities you enjoyed prior to the accident.
  • Loss of Consortium: If the accident affects your relationship with a spouse or partner, they may be entitled to compensation for the loss of companionship and support.
  • Wrongful Death Damages: If the accident results in a fatality, the family of the deceased may seek compensation for funeral expenses, lost financial support, and emotional suffering.
  • Punitive Damages: Very rarely, in cases of extreme negligence or recklessness, the court may award punitive damages to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future.

What To Do After a Motorcycle Crash in Cambridge

Facing a motorcycle accident in Cambridge can be a challenging experience, but knowing the immediate steps to take can make a significant difference in your recovery. Follow these crucial actions to protect yourself and your rights after a motorcycle crash:

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in Cambridge, your safety is paramount. Move to a safe location and promptly dial 911 to summon emergency medical responders and the police.

Cooperate with law enforcement to create an accident report. Document all relevant details, such as the scene, vehicles involved, and injuries sustained. This documentation will be helpful for your case.

Contact your insurance company to report the accident and initiate the claims process. Be cautious with your statements, only giving a matter-of-fact account of the accident. Any further communication with insurance adjusters should be guided by a knowledgeable attorney. 

For expert legal guidance after an accident, reach out to Jim Glaser Law. Our experienced team of motorcycle accident lawyers in Cambridge is here to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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