How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay in Boston, Massachusetts?

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Work-related injuries can be utterly devastating. You were just doing your normal job, and now you’re facing a partial or total inability to work at all.

You’re looking at a pile of doctor’s bills and no way to continue supporting your family while you recover. In Massachusetts, the workers’ compensation system exists to help injured workers make ends meet until they can get back to work. But, how much does it pay, exactly?

Learn about how much workers’ comp claims pay in Boston, Massachusetts, how much you can collect, and why you might need a Boston workers’ comp lawyer to help you navigate the system.

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Types of Workers’ Comp Pay Benefits

The first thing to understand when exploring what your workers’ comp claim might be worth is the severity of your condition. There are four different types of disability benefits available under workers’ comp for which you might be eligible, including:

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  • Permanent Total Disability: This means your injury was so severe that you won’t ever be able to work again.
  • Permanent Partial Disability: Your injury was severe and permanent, but you may be able to do some level of work, even if it’s not the same job you once did.
  • Temporary Total Disability: You are completely unable to work, but you expect to recover and eventually be able to return to your normal job.
  • Temporary Partial Disability: You can still do some level of work, but you are limited in your ability to function. The condition, however, is expected to be temporary and you will eventually be able to work again.

Total Disability Benefits

If you are completely unable to work, your benefits will likely begin as temporary total disability. You won’t get benefits for your first five days unless you will be out of work for over 21 days. You will continue to receive benefits until you go back to work, your doctor determines you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, or you have received temporary benefits for three years.

Your payments will be 60% of your average weekly wages, up to a maximum cap that is evaluated and updated every year. After your medical treatment is complete, your doctor may evaluate you for a permanent disability. If you are diagnosed with a permanent disability, you’ll continue to receive benefits at two-thirds of your average weekly wage (with the same maximum cap) for the duration of your disability.

Partial Disability Benefits

Cropped shot of a handsome young male physiotherapist doing a consultation and assessment with a senior patientIf you are still able to work at a reduced level, you may be entitled to 60% of the difference between your original wages and those you are now capable of earning, up to a maximum of 75% of what your total benefit level would be. You can continue receiving these benefits until you reach five years of payments or can return fully to work.

Other Benefits

In addition to disability benefits covering a portion of your lost wages, Massachusetts workers’ comp also provides benefits to cover any reasonable medical treatments, vocational training costs, and death benefits if a workplace accident results in the death of a loved one.

Contact a Boston Workers’ Comp Lawyer

While workers’ comp benefits are supposed to help injured workers cope with financial losses after any injury or illness related to their work, many people have difficulty getting approved.

If you’re in this situation, please know that you’re not alone and Jim Glaser Law is here to help. Jimmy knows how difficult this process can be, and he has the experience to help you understand what benefits you’re entitled to and challenge any denied claims to get the money you need and deserve.

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