What Is the Average Settlement for a Workers’ Comp Claim in Boston?

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A woman working in a warehouse holding her ankle in pain.

When dealing with a workers’ comp claim, the first thing you want to ask is: How much is my case worth? Every case is unique, and a settlement will depend heavily on the nature of your injury and the severity and length of your disability and recovery. But, there are a few main factors that your workers’ comp attorney will review to help you determine the worth of your claim.

You deserve the advice of an experienced workers’ comp attorney who knows the system and knows where to seek every penny you deserve. Keep reading to hear our workers’ comp legal team break down what may contribute to the average settlement for a workers’ comp claim in Boston.

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How Are Workers’ Comp Settlements Valued?

A warehouse employee with an injured back after lifting heavy boxes.Your workers’ compensation claim will initially be valued based on the expenses related to your injuries and lost wages. In general, the insurance company will look at six factors to value your case:

  1. The value of your lost wages and earnings
  2. Any costs of vocational training you need to change jobs
  3. The severity and duration (permanent or temporary) of your injury
  4. Current medical care expenses
  5. Future medical care expenses
  6. Any other recoverable losses (death benefits for the family of someone who died in the accident, for example)

Does Fault Come Into Play?

Workers’ compensation claims are not like personal injury claims. While being able to prove that your workplace was unsafe, didn’t provide proper training, or didn’t maintain its equipment may help you get benefits, workers’ comp is a “no-fault” insurance.

This means that regardless of who is at fault for a workplace injury, your compensation will not be affected. If your boss was at fault for unsafe conditions, for example, you probably can’t sue them for more money. The value of your case is strictly dependent on the costs of your injury, not who caused it.

So, What Is the Average Settlement for a Workers’ Comp Claim?

A construction worker helping his coworker walk after an injury.Workers’ comp claims, on average, can be in the range of tens of thousands of dollars, though your case could be worth more or less depending on the details of the accident and your injuries. Since there is such a range and each case is so unique, consulting a workers’ comp lawyer for a free case review is the best way to know what your settlement is worth and ensure that someone is fighting to protect your rights.

Applying for workers’ comp requires deadlines, paperwork, and accountability. Sometimes, your workers’ comp claim can be denied unrightfully. Other times, it can be difficult to get a response on the status of your case. If you are worried that your claim is undervalued or you are having difficulties, your lawyer will know how to keep your claim on track.

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