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What You Should Know About the “Serious Injury” Threshold?

Massachusetts is a “no-fault” state, which means that if you are involved in a car crash, you notify your insurance company first for reimbursement for medical bills and lost income. Only in certain severe cases [...]

It’s Just Whiplash, Should I File An Injury Lawsuit?

The term “whiplash” is often thrown around after a car accident and is sometimes associated with “fake” car accident claims. However, whiplash is a very real injury that involves the quick extension and contraction of [...]

I Was Hurt In An Accident, But I Don’t Have Health Insurance

Even though health insurance is now mandated by law, not everyone can afford coverage. If you are in a car accident, not having health insurance can be a serious problem. The inability to pay for [...]

How The Workers’ Comp Claim Process Works In Massachusetts

When you are injured at work, the idea of making a workers’ comp claim can feel a little overwhelming if you do not understand the process. Unfortunately, some employers are reluctant to share information with [...]

What To Expect During An Auto Accident Case

If you have just been involved in an auto accident, life may seem a little overwhelming right now. You have to deal with medical bills, potential time off of work, and an array of other [...]

Minor Accidents: Do I Need To Tell My Insurance Company?

Although small fender vendors may not seem like a big deal, you should still notify your insurance company if you are involved in an accident. Sometimes what appears to be a minor crash can turn [...]

I Was Hurt Driving A Commercial Vehicle: What Are My Legal Options?

Liability issues can become complicated if you are driving a commercial vehicle while involved in a car accident. In many occasions, the employer will bear the brunt of most of the legal liability in these [...]

My Personal Injury Claim Was Denied: Now What?

If you have suffered from a serious injury after an accident, a denial from the insurance company can make matters worse. You may wonder if you have any other options or if you must face [...]

Do I Need To File A Work-Related Accident Report?

Workers’ compensation is a valuable benefit for many types of employees. However, employees must meet certain reporting obligations to ensure that their claim will go forward properly. Workers’ compensation is often the only option available [...]

Workers’ Comp: What Are My Injuries Worth?

Certain benefits are available through workers’ compensation in your state. Generally, you will receive four different types of benefits through workers’ compensation. These include: Vocational rehabilitation Medical bill payments Permanent impairment benefits Weekly lost wage [...]

Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover a Slip and Fall?

Homeowner’s insurance will usually cover situations where someone else is injured on your property, whether they were just walking by or if they were a guest in your home. However, there are usually a few [...]

Can My Boss Force Me To Quit After An Injury?

Your employer cannot impose any adverse employment action against you because you file the workers’ compensation claim. They also cannot fire just because you are injured. Some employers essentially “force” you to resign by making [...]