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The Cambridge workers’ compensation lawyers at Jim Glaser Law are experienced in handling work injury cases. If you’ve been hurt on the job in Massachusetts, you have rights. Hiring one of our attorneys helps protect the benefits you are entitled to, taking the stress of the legal process off your shoulders while you focus on rest and recovery.

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An injured Cambridge, MA, worker is holding his back in pain.

Jim Glaser Law is here to assist you in obtaining the benefits you deserve after a workplace injury or illness. Workers’ compensation provides benefits to workers regardless of fault, usually paid by your employer’s insurance carrier.

Employers and their insurance companies often try to avoid responsibility for workers’ claims. If you’ve been injured at work, don’t hesitate to seek legal representation. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Cambridge today to schedule a free case review and receive legal advice. Your rights and benefits should not be compromised, and we are here to ensure you receive what you are legally owed.

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The legal process of filing for workers’ comp can be overwhelming. At our office, we strive to simplify the process of seeking assistance. Just give us a call, and we’ll promptly begin reviewing your case.


You Are Entitled to Benefits

Every day, you dedicate yourself to your job. When an injury or illness occurs as a consequence, you deserve workers’ comp benefits. Our attorneys are prepared to vigorously advocate for the benefits that are rightfully yours!


Our attorneys operate on a contingency-fee-basis, ensuring you won’t need to concern yourself with concealed legal charges or initial expenses. You won’t be responsible for any fees unless we achieve a successful outcome for your case!

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Workers’ Compensation Laws in Massachusetts

  • Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws, governed by MGL Ch. 152, provide crucial protection for employees in various industries, regardless of hours worked
  • Even employers with only one employee are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, ensuring protection for workers in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses.
  • In Massachusetts, employees have up to four years from the date they realize a connection between their injury or illness and their employment to file a workers’ compensation claim. This timeframe applies even in cases of work-related wrongful deaths. Missing the deadline could mean forfeiting entitled compensation.
  • While most employers in Massachusetts must provide workers’ compensation coverage, some exemptions exist. Domestic service workers working fewer than 16 hours per week and independent contractors (provided they meet the criteria for true independent contractor status) may not be subject to mandatory coverage requirements.

For further guidance, reach out to a workers’ compensation lawyer at Jim Glaser Law.

What Benefits Are Available to Injured Cambridge Workers?

When dealing with a workplace injury or illness in Massachusetts, understanding the entitlements available can be complex. Massachusetts law typically provides injured workers with the following benefits:

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits encompass the payment of all necessary medical expenses related to your work-related injury or illness. This includes: 

  • Doctor’s visits
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital stays
  • Essential equipment like wheelchairs
  • Rehabilitation
  • And more

Disability Benefits

These benefits are categorized based on the severity of your condition and aim to replace a portion of your lost wages.

Temporary Partial Incapacity Benefits: If your disability leads to reduced earnings (e.g., due to a pay cut or reduced hours) but you can still work, you may qualify for temporary partial incapacity benefits.

Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits: If you require more than five days off work (non-consecutive included), you may be eligible for temporary total incapacity benefits. These benefits cease when you return to work or reach maximum medical improvement according to your doctor’s evaluation.

Permanent and Total Incapacity Benefits: In cases where your disability renders you permanently unable to perform any work, you may be entitled to permanent and total incapacity benefits for a specified duration determined by the state.

Scarring/Disfigurement and Loss of Function: These benefits apply to individuals who have experienced permanent loss of bodily functions, permanent disfigurement, or scarring on their face, neck, or hands.

Death Benefits

In the unfortunate event of a work-related fatality, the workers’ compensation system provides death benefits. These benefits are designed to support the spouse or children of the deceased worker, with children eligible if they are minors, full-time students, or unable to work due to a physical or mental disability. Additionally, funeral expenses may also be covered.

What To Do After a Work Injury

Follow these steps after a work injury to safeguard your interests and your workers’ comp claim:

1. Prioritize Safety and Seek Medical Care

Immediately following the accident, your first concern should be your safety. Seek prompt medical treatment not only for your physical well-being but also to protect your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

2. Notify Your Employer in Writing and Document the Incident

Inform your employer about the accident in writing and request that they initiate an incident report. Maintain copies of all related documentation, and gather witness statements along with their contact information. Consider keeping a journal to document your experiences and the details of the accident.

3. Consult a Cambridge Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Don’t miss out on the compensation you rightfully deserve; contact Jim Glaser Law for trusted legal representation. Our team of work injury attorneys can guide you through the legal aspects of your case, safeguard your rights, and assist you in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to.

Injuries Covered Under Workers’ Comp in MA

While this list is not exhaustive, it highlights some common types of injuries that are typically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Injuries Exempt From MA Workers’ Comp

Exemptions to workers’ compensation include self-inflicted injuries, injuries arising from instigating fights, or incidents occurring during the commission of a crime or while under the influence of substances.

Jim Glaser Law's 3 reasons why your workers' comp claim was denied

Need To Appeal a Denied Claim?

Our attorneys specialize in workers’ compensation cases and provide invaluable support throughout the intricate appeals process. We guide you in understanding your rights, assist in gathering essential evidence, and present a compelling case to secure the benefits you are rightfully entitled to. If you received Form 104 (Insurer’s Notification of Denial), trust the skilled Cambridge workers’ compensation lawyers at Jim Glaser Law to advocate for your rights and help you attain a successful resolution.

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What If My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

In Massachusetts, employers are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance. If your employer doesn’t have this insurance, you may still be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits through the state’s Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund

While you generally cannot sue your employer if they have workers’ comp insurance in place, you may have the option to sue them for damages related to your workplace injury if they are not covered. However, it’s important to consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Cambridge to understand the specific legal requirements and processes in your specific case.

How the Attorneys at Jim Glaser Law Make a Difference

Workers’ compensation claims can be intricate and bewildering, leaving you at a disadvantage when attempting to handle your case independently. If you’ve suffered a workplace injury in Cambridge and are unsure of your next steps, rest assured that Jimmy Knows!®.

Moving forward without a lawyer may lead to accepting an offer that falls short of meeting your needs for managing and treating your injury or replacing lost income. The seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys at Jim Glaser Law can help you uncover the compensation you may not have been aware of, building a robust case on your behalf. Your attorney will handle bill collection, gather evidence, engage with insurance companies, and negotiate for an equitable settlement.