Five Things a Boston Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Do for You

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A worker in Boston feeling stressed on the job.

If you get hurt at any time during the normal course of your work, for any reason, your losses should be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. It doesn’t matter whose fault the accident was, whether it’s an injury due to failed machinery, or even if you slip and fall on the way to the bathroom, you should qualify for compensation.

Unfortunately, in an effort to cut down on fraud, insurers have become overzealous in denying claims, leaving people who deserve workers’ comp to fight to get their benefits. It’s important to hire an attorney to stand by your side during that fight. Let’s explore five things a Boston workers’ comp attorney can do for you, and how a legal team, such as our Boston workers’ comp team at Jim Glaser Law, can benefit your case!

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What Can a Boston Workers’ Comp Attorney Do for You?

A man in Boston who’s out of work due to an on the job injury.A Boston workers’ compensation attorney can be your best ally in fighting for the benefits you deserve. Whether you’re filing your initial claim or seeking to challenge a workers’ injury claim denial, your attorney can help you receive your full settlement in important ways, including:

  1. Gathering evidence to build your case.
  2. Negotiating your settlement.
  3. Representing you and fighting for your rights.
  4. Advising you on other benefits to which you may be entitled.
  5. Guiding you through the appeals process.

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

1. Gathering Evidence to Build Your Case

One of the most common reasons workers’ comp claims are denied is the insurance company decides there isn’t enough medical evidence to justify the claim. Even in cases where claims are more easily approved, it is still important to build evidence that will qualify you for compensation for all the treatments you need.

The right attorney can help you to gather all of the information you didn’t even realize your case needs. This includes collecting all of the medical records that the insurance companies will look for to validate your case. Your attorney can also recommend and arrange physicians for treatment or second opinions to strengthen your case.

You may also be asked to appear at a deposition, which is a meeting where the insurance company’s lawyer will ask you questions. Your lawyer will be there to represent you and protect your rights during this deposition. They can also call medical experts in to conduct their own depositions, request statements from experts in your field about the work requirements you face and, call upon your loved ones to testify the impact of your injuries.

2. Negotiating Your Settlement

An injured warehouse employeeIf the insurance company is fighting against your case, you may need a legal professional to negotiate with them to reach a fair settlement.

A workers’ comp attorney has experience in dealing with these negotiations and knows how to estimate the value of a case. They can outline how extensive your injuries and disabilities are, what your estimated medical expenses might be, and whether your employer owes you back benefits and penalties for paying late.

A workers’ comp lawyer can also stop you from making crucial mistakes, like accepting lowball “final offers” that would limit your settlement. Perhaps most importantly, they can help you to avoid loopholes that insurers sometimes sneak into final agreements that can cost you money from Social Security and other benefits down the line.

When you have to negotiate for the fair benefits you know you deserve, a knowledgeable Boston workers’ comp lawyer is your best ally.

3. Representing You and Fighting for Your Rights

In rare cases, you may have to go to court for an administrative hearing or trial to fight for fair benefits. If this happens, the insurance company will use all their legal wrangling to avoid large payouts, which would hurt your case.

It’s important for you to have someone in your corner who can fight back. A work accident attorney can collect depositions, put their team on performing research, and gather medical records to support your case in front of the court. They can also raise objections to questionable or improper actions by the insurance company.

The attorney can also make sure that all of your legal paperwork, including filings, motions, responses, and other written documents, are submitted on time and properly completed. In Massachusetts, you have a four-year deadline to file for benefits, which is called the statute of limitations. Your attorney can ensure everything meets any of the legal deadlines that could impact your case.

In short, when the time comes to fight in the court, a workers’ compensation lawyer will give you and your case the best chance at coming out on top.

4. Advising You on Other Benefits to Which You Are Entitled

A construction worker standing on scaffolding. Did you know that you might be eligible for other benefits besides workers’ comp? In some cases, you might be able to raise a personal injury claim against another person who caused your injury. Though, you cannot make a claim against your employer, who is exempt from most lawsuits by virtue of covering you under workers’ compensation.

If, however, equipment failed because it was faulty, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of that equipment. If you were driving to meet a client and you were hit by a reckless driver, you may be able to sue that driver for a personal injury claim.

Your attorney can also advise you on everything from rehabilitation assistance and long-term disability to Social Security and other benefits you might need.

Don’t lose out on benefits you have a right to. When you receive a free case review from a trusted Boston workers’ comp attorney, they will look over all of the details of your case to make sure you are taking the best legal steps.

5. Guiding You Through the Appeals Process

Finally, far too many insurance claims are denied after the first application. Don’t worry! Your first denial is rarely the end of the road for your workers’ comp case. You can appeal the decision, though the appeals process can be complicated and confusing.

The right Boston workers’ compensation lawyer can guide you through this process, give you the best chance of receiving your benefits, and avoid critical errors that can be costly in the long run.

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