Four Reasons You Should Fire Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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Once you have started your workers’ compensation claim, you are not obligated to stay with the same attorney if you are unhappy with his or her service. You can remove your workers’ compensation attorney and replace him or her with a different attorney at virtually any time during your claim. Workers’ comp claims can be naturally frustrating, so how can you tell when it is time to let your attorney go and get a new one?

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Reasons You Might Need A New Attorney

Sometimes, you simply end up with the wrong attorney for your case. There are several reasons that you might need a new workers’ compensation attorney. Below are just a few examples.

My Attorney Is Not Returning My Phone Calls And Does Not Give Me Updates On My Case

While it is true that lawyers are busy people, they should always treat you like a priority—because you are! If you find that your attorney is not responsive enough or is not answering your questions, then it might be time to find an attorney that will.

My Lawyer Doesn’t Seem Like He Or She Knows Workers’ Compensation Law

Lawyers cannot possibly know every area of the law in-depth. There are certain lawyers that specialize in workers’ comp claims and claims that are similar to work comp. Some attorneys simply do not know how to bring a workers’ compensation case. You need to find an attorney that has experience with work compensation and can get you a favorable settlement or outcome at your hearing.

My Attorney Doesn’t Seem To Be Working Very Hard On My Case

Your attorney is going to take a portion of your benefits for workers’ compensation. He or she better earn that money! If you do not think your attorney is doing enough, then you might be right. Ask why he or she is not doing certain things that you think they should be doing. If the attorney cannot give a straight answer or does not explain his or her strategy, it might be time to think about a new workers’ comp lawyer for your case.

My Lawyer Doesn’t Seem Like They’re Doing Anything On My Case

One of the most frustrating parts of the legal process is the time that it takes to get a decision or to see any action in the case. Even a request for your own medical records can take over a month!

Generally, if you think your case is taking too long, that still might not be a good reason to fire your attorney. The legal process is notoriously slow, and firing your attorney can sometimes slow things down even more because your new lawyer has to get acquainted with your case. However, if you think your case is moving slowly because your lawyer is not doing anything, then that is a perfect reason to fire your workers’ comp attorney.

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